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Not only is Drum Devon able to deliver high quality world roots drum and percussion workshops, it can also provide a rich insight into the social, political and geographical context in which rhythms are formed, including the purpose for which they are used.

The sessions are run by highly experienced drummer and percussionist, James Carr. Not only does James have a wealth of world rhythms to share, he is also a fully qualified teacher with specialisms in Global Citizenship, PSHE, Sociology and Politics.

This background means that Drum Devon is able to provide cross-curricular workshops, catering to the needs of your students in a lively, meaningful and engaging way. See the school programmes below... 


There are lots of possibilities...

World Roots - Global Context

Immerse your students in rhythms from around the world whilst exploring the historical, geographical and social context of the music.

The sessions are led by an experienced drummer & percussionist / fully qualified Citizenship & PSHE, Social Science teacher James Carr.

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Promoting personal and social wellbeing

Drums are unique instruments in that they are extremely accessible and satisfying to play for newcomers but also have endless possibilities for expression. Students learn the importance of listening to each other, teamwork as well as the impact of their own agency.

Students experience the meditative qualities of drumming where, in order to play, they need to focus and feel the music.

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Bespoke workshops

Perhaps you are working on a specific theme/topic in school such as Global Citizenship, Cultural Awareness, Diversity etc. With a background in education, James is extremely adaptable and versatile and can develop a workshop or series of workshops to help achieve your aims.

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"It’s a great opportunity to relax - drumming is very similar to was both
relaxing and informative!"

- IB Student

"Drumming really helped me to clear my thoughts and just enjoy the moment. The period
was very stressful and drumming helped me to cope with it better."

- Alevel Student

"I have gained new skills: concentration, hearing, drum skills, collaborative skills. It is actually a great time to spend with friends instead of being on the screen for the whole day." 

- Exam Student

"The drumming helps to completely switch off from any worries or stress and be more in
the moment having fun with others in the group." 

- IB Student

What students say...