What is Drum Devon?

Drum Devon is a small social enterprise which prides itself on providing high quality, authentic and accessible world roots drum and percussion workshops to a variety of settings including community groups, schools, events and parties as well as therapeutic settings to promote personal and social wellbeing.

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James Carr


The workshops are designed and delivered by experienced and fully qualified teacher James Carr. With over 20 years experience as a drummer and percussionist and 18 years teaching in a diverse range of settings both in the UK and abroad, James is well positioned to deliver inspirational workshops which instil confidence in participants as well as reflect on the social context in which the music is derived.

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* Photo Courtesy of Appleton Events Photography


Drum Devon workshops are versatile and accessible depending on your needs. We have a range of workshops available for all different settings including for schools, events, parties, pop-up workshops and therapeutic settings.

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Qualified & Experienced

James' background and qualifications make him the ideal facilitator. Not only will you learn how to play amazing world rhythms, James is equipped to deliver versatile and differentiated sessions where everyone is able to achive.

You can learn about the social context, history as well as how drumming can benefit you, your life and your community.

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Drumming for all occasions

You can join an existing group, book a course for your organisation / school, a party, or organise something a little more bespoke. If you want to study world rhythms more intensly, or you just want to unwind and lose yourself in rhythm we have the workshop for you.

Awesome Resources

Having attended all sorts of drumming workshops over the years, I have found that typically what happens is; you go to a workshop, have the time of your life playing all sorts of amazing rhythms only to find that once you're home, you've fogotten everything!

With this in mind, I created a whole raft of materials including video clips and simplified notation to take home and study until your heart's content. You can process the rhythms at your own pace as well as gain an insight into the social context of the music.


* Photo Courtesy of Appleton Events Photography

I feel a real benefit from this course it’s not just the sessions which in themselves are wonderful but I carry the rhythms and the sense of well-being with me for days.

- Devon Recovery Learning Participant

I like the combination of the historical background and the actual drumming, that clearly shows the connection between art and history

 - Secondary School Student

I started doing drumming lessons when I was going to have my final exam. Drumming is an activity that helps you relax and releases the pressure.

- International Baccalaureate Diploma Student

The course is a delight. I look around the room and we are all smiling ..it has been the highlight of my week.

- Devon Recovery Learning Participant

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